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যমুনা ব্যাংকের MTO পদের পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নের সমাধান- ২০১৭

Jamuna Bank MTO Questions Solution-2017

Exam held: 21/10/2017

General Knowledge:

1. Who is the president of France?

Ans: Emmanuel Macron

2. Catalonia is the province of which country?

Ans: Spain

3. Famous book of Kazuo Ishiguro ?

Ans: Remains of the day

4. Nobel Prize winner in economics 2017?

Ans: Richard Thaler

5. Where is Parkir beach situated?
Ans: Chittagong

6.Kutupalong is situated in which thana?

Ans: Ukhia

7. Where Pari Bibi tomb is situated?

Ans: Lalbagh, Dhaka.

8. Who is the secretary of state of U.S.A?

Ans: Rex W. Tillerson

9. Dividends of a company declared by whom?

Ans: The board of directors

10. Capital market controlled by which institution?

Ans: BSEC (Bangladesh Security & Exchange Commission)

11. New development bank initiated by China?

Ans: AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank)

12. Name of the capital of Australia?

Ans: Canberra

13. Who is the chief election commissioner of Bangladesh now?

Ans: KM Nurul Huda

14. State minister of finance of Bangladesh is?

Ans: Muhammad Abdul Mannan

15. FIFA world cup 2022 will be held on which country?

Ans: .Qatar


1. Considering

2. Sanguine

3. about whom

4. Strongly

5. Some time

6. is covered

7. Had

8. In

14. If l had known

15. She asked the speaker repeat

16. Authority over him

Pin point error

17. No error

18. in watching

19. Had worked

20. Clear

21. Apex

22. Terrible

23. Lethargic

Written math ans:

1. Swimming club =60
2. Marbles =80
3. Alam can do= 72 days

Written math:

Question: 2)

A box contains only marbles. If 1/4th of the marble were removed from the box would be filled to 1/3 of its capacity.If instead of 100 marbles were added,the box would be full.How many marbles are there in the box?
Total capacity of the box=1 portion
The marble in the box begging=x
First1/4 th of the marble removed from the box
=x*1/4 portion
=X/4 portion
Remaining marbles in the box
=3x/4 portion
According to the question,
1/3 of the capacity of box =3x/4 marbles
Full capacity of the box =9x/4 marbles
Now ,100 marbles were added to the “x” marbles then the box full its capacity
Or, (9x/4)-x =100
Or, 5x =400
Or, x=80
Hence, The marble in the box 80


If you find any wrong answer please send our page the right answer.

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